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Claude Cohen Tannoudji

Prix Nobel en 1997 pour le ralentissement et le piégeage des atomes par la lumière laser.

Ses travaux sont à la source des recherches actuelles de l'IFRAF.




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Année 2012

Atom-based quantum interfaces

Les Houches from October 8-19, 2012

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6th International Workshop « Theory of Quantum Gases and Quantum Coherence » 5-8 June 2012, Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon, France

This workshop is dedicated to theoretical challenges in the field of cold quantum gases, with a strong connection to condensed matter, and it is especially targeted to a junior audience. The present one is its 6th edition, after Levico (2001), Salerno (2003), Cortona (2005), Grenoble (2008), and Nice (2010).

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Young Atom Opticians (YAO) Conference 2012

From Sunday evening, the 25th to Friday, the 30th of March 2012

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Introduction to circuit and cavity QED

“Winter” school of the CCQED ITN network network coordinator G. Rempe (MPQ, Garching) in Les Houches (France) 26 February - 02 March, 2012.

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First International Winter School on Quantum Gases Algiers, January 21-31, 2012

The Laboratory for Theoretical Physics and Material Physics is organizing a First Winter School on Quantum Gases, in Algiers, Algeria, from 21 to 31 January 2012.

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