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Claude Cohen Tannoudji

Prix Nobel en 1997 pour le ralentissement et le piégeage des atomes par la lumière laser.

Ses travaux sont à la source des recherches actuelles de l'IFRAF.




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Topological Effects In Ultracold Atoms

Ultra-cold atoms have proven to be highly tunable experimental systems, where dimensionality, interactions, lattices and internal degrees of freedom can be changed at the turns of a knob. Simulations in those systems can be applied to different fields in physics, for example, from condensed matter to astrophysics.

In order to debate the new developments and the future of the research regarding this topic, the International Institute of Physics of the Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte (IIP-UFRN) will host from November 14 to 18 the workshop “Topological Effects in Ultra-Cold Atoms”, gathering leading specialists from institutions of different countries.

This event will gather a large number of worldwide recognized specialists in the field of ultra-cold atoms, including the 1997 Nobel Laureate William Daniel Phillips, who made significant contributions to laser cooling.

Registrations will be open until September 01 at www.iip.ufrn.br/events, where more information about fees, financial support and list of speakers. Ones interested can also contact the IIP Events management by phone at +55 84 3342-2249 (ext. 214), or by email at events iip.ufrn.br.

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